travel essential: OKA b. ballet flats

Finding the perfect shoe to travel in isn’t always easy. They need to be comfortable (natch!), stylish and versatile. And a shoe that slips on and off easily is also a prerequisite for me. Since removing your shoes is an imperative when you’re going through security, I hate holding up the line, fighting with laces, buckles and zippers.

I love these simple, stylish ballet flats from OKA b. I have the ‘Taylor’ model in camel (although they do have a model named ‘Natalie’; maybe I should have gotten those!) and they’re one of the best shoes I’ve found to travel in. These shoes are flexible and oh-so-comfortable, probably because they feature an ergonomic footbed enhanced with massage beads, which cushion your feet as you walk. They’re easy to slip in and out of easy to clean – you can easily wipe them clean when you’re in a hurry, but can you believe they’re machine washable as well?

Available in a variety of styles and colours like Licorice, Cranberry, Hot Chocolate, Jade, Popsicle Pink, Fuchsia, Camel and Cherry, and priced at just $45, they’re your perfect travel companion. And … they come packaged in a delightful gift box, making them that much sweeter! For more information, visit

What’s your favourite shoe to travel in?

retail therapy

This blog is all about travel and since I’ve been home lately, I haven’t had a lot to blog about. But sitting here on a chilly October evening, I’m thinking how nice it would be to pack a suitcase, take to the skies and leave all my cares behind.

In my mind, I’ve already packed a few essentials and window shopped for a few non-essentials. A little retail therapy never hurt, right? OK, wait: the sunglasses are definitely an essential.

So here’s what’s in my imaginary suitcase:

1 Black stud wristlet
An elegant evening out wouldn’t be complete without a small (read: easy to pack) handbag for essentials. This black studded wristlet features metal hoops so you can hang it from your wrist and not worry about losing it. Perfect for a night at the theatre … in London!
Available at:

2 Iona pump with stones
These Tory Burch shoes were definitely not made for walking. This strappy black satin number is the height of fashion. Perfect for dancing the night away under the stars … in Rome!
Available at:
Price: $450

3 Chiffon trim scarf

This cashmere/wool blend scarf, trimmed with chiffon makes me think of warm days and cool nights when you need a little something to keep your neck and shoulders warm. Perfect for an après-dinner stroll through the streets of … Paris in the fall!
Available at: Banana Republic
Price: $50

4 Alcee dress
The oversized bloom that adorns the waistband of this dress is just gorgeous. I love this kind of detail that sets a simple black dress apart from all the rest. The side pockets make it a little more casual but this dress is a definite classic. Perfect for a fancy dinner … in New York!
Available at:
Price: $187.56

5 “Anonymous” sunglasses by Cinzia

I love these oversized shades. They’re chic and right on trend. Perfect for shading your eyes from the hot sun … in Rio!
Available at:
Price: $195

tory burch flip flops

tory-burch-flip-flopsI’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my oh-so-cute Tory Burch flip flops. I love the patterned soles and assortment of bright candy colours they’re available in. I ordered them online at and I can’t wait for them to show up. They’re also available online at Bloomingdales. Neither online retailer ships outside of the US, so if you live elsewhere like me, you’ll have to con someone who lives there into ordering them for you (that’s what I did!) Anyhow, I can’t wait to take them on my next trip, wherever that may be!


OK, I don’t know about you but one of the biggest problems I encounter when I’m packing is shoes. I have learned the advantages of traveling with carry-on only and for the most part, it’s completely do-able. But where I run into trouble … ? It’s the shoes. Different outfits require different shoes and to pack so that only one or two are required, well, I find that an enormous challenge. I mean, I typically need (and by “need” I mean “want to bring”) a pair of running shoes, a pair of flip flops and a pair of walking shoes … oh, and a pair of heels. And that doesn’t take into account the fact that sometimes I might want to bring a particular pair of shoes in a particular colour to go with a particular outfit. Oh boy. So you can imagine my delight when I discovered SwitchFlops. SwitchFlops are flip-flops that feature Velcro straps. When you want to change the colour of the straps, simply remove them and replace them with new straps. There are lots of colours and patterns to choose from. So when you’re packing, you can pack just one shoe base (there are flip-flops, wedges and kitten heels) and an assortment of straps to change up the look. The shoes range in price from $35 to $49 and the straps are only $12. Talk about saving valuable space in your suitcase. Brilliant!
For more information, visit