souvenir: french for “to remember”

postcards-macauHey – I like to shop as much as the next girl. But when I travel, the best thing I can bring home from my trip isn’t a pair of shoes or a fabulous new bag. What I love doesn’t cost a thing (hmm … that sounds an awful lot like the lyrics of a J-LO song, doesn’t it?) Anyway … all I want, all I need are my memories. I love having lots of photographs to remember cherished moments. But there are two little things I do make sure I pick up along the way: postcards and magnets. My fridge is covered in a collage-like assortment of postcards and magnets from around the world and every time I walk by the refrigerator, I smile. I am flooded with memories and these little, inexpensive things are truly are the best souvenirs I could bring home because they last. Sure I’ve bought other things as well when I travel but clothing or jewelry just don’t summon the same memories. I love my postcard- and magnet-covered fridge! In this photograph (above), I’m shopping for a picture-perfect postcard in the quaint Portuguese area of Macau called Senado Square. Je me souviens.