a weekend in disneyland

I just spent a long weekend in Disneyland and had the time of my life! From my stay at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa to reliving my childhood inside the park, I was reminded that Disneyland isn’t just for kids. It was a much-needed escape to the happiest place on earth and it’s the kind of place that allows you, encourages even, to check your cares at the door, find your inner child and let her loose. The rides were fantastic — from the thrill rides like California Screamin’ to the tamer, child-friendly ones like It’s a Small World and Jungle Cruise. My favourites: Soarin’ Over California and Space Mountain! As the aromas of bakery treats and waffle cones wafted through the streets and the sounds of children, laughter and music filled the air, it was easy to relax and let it all wash over me. The magic of Disney was everywhere, surrounding me like a soft blanket, transporting me effortlessly back to my childhood. A long weekend wasn’t enough. I look forward to returning again soon and leaving my cares behind as I remember the wonder and joy of being a child. Disneyland is about imagination with no limits and young or old, it will touch your heart.


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