dreaming of cinque terre

Daydreaming about travel is one of my greatest distractions. I often find myself thinking about far-flung places when I should be focused on more immediate tasks. Tonight I’m dreaming of the fishing village of Manarola in northern Italy, along the Italian Riviera. Visiting this tiny corner of the world is a dream of mine. I imagine this place, situated high atop a rugged coastline, to have narrow winding cobblestone streets, quaint shops owned by the grandsons and granddaughters of hard-working generations past and postcard pretty views of the Ligurian Sea. When I close my eyes, I can feel the breeze from the sea on my face and taste the saltiness of the air on my tongue. I imagine that the slower pace of life here rejuvenates me and gives me time to pause, reflect. And oh, the food! Fresh seafood and pasta and sweet gelato. I have no plans to visit at the moment, so I visit in my dreams. What corner of the world do you dream of?