the 69 greatest fiction travel books of all time

top-69-booksI love lists. Top 10 lists of the world’s best beaches; the best 100 movies of all time; New York City’s top 25 restaurants. I like running my way through these lists and seeing how many I can check off. So I was excited to see Conde Nast Traveler’s list of The 69 Greatest Fiction Travel Books of All Time. An avid reader, I stretched my fingers, preparing to count off at least half the books and eager to see which ones I might want to read in future. Turns out, I’ve only read six out of the 69. Yikes! I was pleased to see that one of my all-time favourites, Crime and Punishment, had made the cut but the vast majority I’d either never heard of or had just never gotten around to reading. Looks like I have some catching up to do! But what exactly is a fiction travel book? Author Boris Kachka says this: “It’s a book in which a place is as important a character as the protagonist; it’s a book so informed by the writer’s culture that it’s impossible to read it without uncovering the life of the author behind it; it’s a book that has shaped the way we see a certain place; it’s a book whose events and characters could be set nowhere else.”

OK, ready to see the list? Here it is. I’ve gotta go. I’ve got some reading to do.



  1. Yes, those are some quite obscure books. Thanks for posting.


  1. […] Original post by trendytravelista […]

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