Hello, friends! Welcome to my brand new blog. I’m excited to start writing and sharing stories about my travels with you. But more importantly, I’m hoping to open up a dialogue with you about your favourite places on the planet, treasured secret spots you’ve discovered near or far from home and your experiences on the road, as it were. When I’m traveling, I hope to inspire you with beautiful pictures of the places I’ve been but I also hope to impart practical advice and things I learn along the way – always with an eye to doing things in style. When I’m not traveling (like right now!), I hope to entertain you with travel tips, photos, essential products for easy travel and … well, who knows what other kinds of ramblings I’ll subject you to. I just hope that you enjoy the virtual vacation and that you’re compelled to share your feedback. I definitely want to hear from you. I look forward to our shared journey! In the meantime, here’s a poll question — I’d love to know where you’d head right now if you could just jump on a plane!